Sunday, February 14, 2010


Craig and Eric drove all the way into Arizona last night from French Camp, CA. They set themselves up to be able to be at the delivery location by their 8am appointment, only problem was that the new Fry's store, and the area that is was built on, wasn't on any of the mapping programs they had. To add insult to injury, there was also a highway closure due to construction that sent them off on a wild goose chase. But I'm happy to say that the two little explorers did in deed find the Fry's and were only the second truck to make a delivery there as you can see by how empty their back storage area was. The store was anxious to know when the other trucks from TWT would be arriving, as well as several other trucks from another company. It wouldn't surprise me if they don't get a return trip there since the store doesn't open until March 13. I should also mention that Eric did a fine job of backing into the dock. Craig sees a bit of improvement each week, and really, that's about as good as you can hope to get with a trainee. They were beeped with a pre plan while on their way to Gilbert, AZ, to pick up a load of bananas in the company yard in Bloomington, CA and head them up north to Puyallup, WA. Their delivery time is 5am Tuesday morning, so with very little slack time they will definitely be doing quite a bit of team driving to get it up there and on time for their appointment. This pay period is shaping up to be a good one if they keep getting these types of loads with the quick turn around, and I'm happy to be able to put a little extra away for a rainy day!

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got to keep those treats coming to fuel them


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