Tuesday, February 02, 2010


That was the question pondered by Craig and Eric when they were given the assignment to head to Wallula, WA to the AmeriCold facility across the street from the Tyson Meat plant, and pick up a load of frozen meat. While inspecting the trailer, they saw a couple of tires that looked pretty pathetic. Calling into road service, they were sent to a repair shop in Pasco, WA and evidently they would need all four tires on the trailer replaced. So four would be the answer to the question.And as to the other burning question as to whether Eric would come back from home time to continue his training? Just like the swallows that return to San Juan Capistrano, CA every March, Eric came back to the truck this morning. But I guess you already figured that out after the first sentence of this entry.

Craig was well rested after his day of lounging and sleeping, not to mention catching up on all the gossip being tossed around in the driver's lounge. He also caught up with a guy he used to work with that just finished his training and had completed his first three weeks solo out in the truck.After getting the new tires put on the trailer, they are headed to Seattle, WA to the port area to drop his load of meat destined to some foreign country. Their appointment time is for 8am tomorrow morning and from there our guess is maybe a load of apples or another load of meat headed to the Los Angeles area. With them heading south, at least I'll be able to meet up with Craig again for a little cuddle time and to given him his new reflective fluorescent yellow safety vest I ordered after he was so pleased with the new jacket. After all, safety first before fashion!


Anonymous said...

I got rid of my saftey vest cause it kept catching on stuff So now I where a reflective T shirt.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

I saw those t-shirts at industrialsafetygear.com but to be honest with you, I don't think I could stomach seeing Craig in that bright yellow shirt all day long! ha ha

Anonymous said...

I guess Eric came back for more treats. You are going to have to be careful as word may get out and you may never get back in the co-pilots seat. ha ha ha

Mom said...

cuddle time is good


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