Saturday, February 27, 2010


Craig and Eric made their two deliveries in LA yesterday morning, and then hoping to be sent to the company yard in Bloomington, CA to await their next assignment, they were instead beeped immediately with a run down to San Diego to pick up bananas. Okay then, south they head, and end up in a traffic snarl on Interstate 5 from a grenade that was found near San Clemente. After a couple of hours of making like a snail along their route, they finally get into San Diego to pick up the bananas.

Having brainstormed with Craig on the phone about the best way to ensure that they get a good night's sleep before their load could cast a glimmer in the weekend dispatcher's eye for a swap or drop, it was decided that they would just stay put in San Diego for the night. So after going loaded around 5pm, they drove down the street, Eric hopped out to make an In and Out Burger run on foot, and Craig parked the rig for the night. They were determined to have full bellies and good sleep and then brace themselves and wait to see what Saturday would bring.On a lighter note, take a look at this picture they took while in Long Beach the other day. Seems this driver failed to make sure his 5th wheel had fully engaged and locked onto his trailer, and when he started to make a turn, the trailer became undone from the 5th wheel. That would tend to make for a start of a bad day.I had a good laugh the other day in Ripon when I met Craig with his donuts. He was in the fuel island, and as I approached his rig from behind, I saw what you see in the photo above written in the grime on his trailer door. It isn't so much that we are definitely more right wing then left wing, but Craig sure didn't want that staring people in the face as he drove down the road. He quickly went back and cleaned it off the trailer. I joked with him about what a great job he must have done on his last pre trip inspection, but as he said, he was more into looking at tires and lights. Might I suggest he add checking for political views written on trailer doors to his next pre trip inspection!

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