Thursday, February 04, 2010


In what is destined to be a repeat of one of the first runs that Craig and Eric were dispatched on, they will be returning to Columbia ColdStor in Othello, WA to pick up frozen french fries and take them to Oxnard, CA. But unlike last time, where they dropped the trailer in the Company yard in Bloomington, they will most likely actually be delivering this load Sunday morning at 8am. Am I certain of that? No way, because we all know how quickly dispatches can be changed or swapped, especially on the weekends.

Speaking of weekends, Craig is thinking that if they do actually deliver this load on Sunday, that they may end up in the company yard waiting for a load come Monday morning. That can mean only one thing....being able to watch the Super Bowl! Now that activity might cause most men to salivate at the thought of it. An undisturbed afternoon/evening of uninterrupted, male bonding,football watching. Not so much my husband, who thinks of it as the perfect opportunity to eat snacks for hours on end, than cheer on one team or another. Oh sure, he'll throw in a cheer or two just to fit in, but don't let him fool you, he's in it for the food.

With them driving through French Camp tomorrow evening, I am off to the grocery store to buy Craig the mandatory chips, salsa, dips, and other appropriate snacks for such an eating event. I'm just hoping that they won't have a dispatch waiting for them when they go empty on Sunday. It won't be so bad about not being able to see the big game, I doubt Craig even knows who is playing in it, but I'm sure people will be able to hear Craig cry for miles away, as I try to console him about having to delay his snack fest.

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