Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Nine years ago today, Craig and I followed a path that fate was taking us down, and were joined in matrimony after knowing each other for only 6 weeks. When I met Craig, he was the first man I could honestly say that I couldn't find anything I disliked about him. Nine years later, I can still say the same thing. Each day with him in my life is pure joy and happiness, with a good dose of fun thrown into the mix. He has enriched my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined and each year we are together gets just that much better. The saying above brings to words just how I feel about my husband and how blessed I am to be able to call myself his wife. Happy Anniversary Honey
- I Love You!


all things bradbury said...

Happy Anniversary!....wow, 6 whole weeks ....brad and i met in february and got married the following september and everyone thought that was fast too....but, like you, we knew it was right....that's one of the perks of having had a certain amount of life experiences...when it's right, you just know it....it doesn't take years of study to figure it out...... anyway, congratulations on nine great years together ....and good wishes from a million more to come!

Cori said...

Happy Anniversary Craig and Diane!

Love the saying! You share an anniversary with my parents (53years today).

love u1

Anonymous said...

Dad and Mom Shantz says:

Happy 9th ANNIVERSARY you two. Best wishes from home

Craig said...

He sounds like a pretty lucky guy. I know myself pretty well, and I can find all sorts of faults. Love must be blind.

Meeting you how ever, was the luckiest thing to ever happen to me. Wish you were on the truck. I will boot the trainee out as I drive by and you can hop right in.

May the next 150 years together be as happy.

Love Ya Happy anniversary.
The husband Craig

Mom said...

You guys are so cute.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a great example of "Soulmates"!!!
With Love, Denise

Barb said...

I believe in love at first sight. Especially since it happened to me with my late husband John. He was the guy that took my breath away at the very first meeting.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! and many many more to come.

Mark Krusen said...

Congratulations guys!!

The Daily Rant said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! It just goes to show you know when it's right. Six weeks is long enough to know you've met the one! Wishing you many miles and years of happiness together.

Your "Friend",


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