Thursday, February 25, 2010


Before they were even done with their delivery in Long Beach, CA on Tuesday morning, they had another assignment waiting for them just 3 miles away. After going empty, Craig called the shipper to see if they couldn't get loaded prior to their 8pm appointment, and learned a couple of things: That this would be a drop and hook, and that they were welcome to drop their empty trailer there, but that the other trailer that they would be picking up, would in fact not be ready until 8pm. On a positive note, they were able to bobtail to a restaurant and enjoy a good meal and make use of their parking lot to park all day.

Upon driving back to the shipper around 7pm, they found their trailer ready, and with only a 14,000 pound payload of electronics, there was no need to find a scale. This particular load was a straight over nighter to Tracy, CA with a delivery time of 5am. That gave them a small window of opportunity to get a couple of hours of non moving sleep, which they did in Santa Nella, CA a little after midnight.

After going empty, and not hearing anything via the QualComm, they headed to the company yard in French Camp. They no sooner arrived when the beeping started. When it was all sorted out, they were to pick up a loaded trailer of juice in the yard and take it to Auburn, WA by Thursday morning at 7am. Boy, the team loads just keep coming in for them. So, off they go to scale out the load and and start heading north, and wouldn't you know it? About three hours later the QualComm started beeping.

Now they get information to head to Chemult, OR and swap loads with another driver that is there waiting for them. They are to take a loaded trailer of meat and head right back the same direction from where they just came from and make the first of four deliveries in Sacramento this morning at 6am. So off they go with the plan to make it as far as Corning, CA where they will stop and get yet another few hours of non moving sleep.

After their delivery in Sacramento, their second drop is of all places Modesto, right where I am, but since they had a fuel stop in Ripon, about 15 miles away at the Flying J, I drove there this morning with a surprise box of hot fresh donuts and cold milk from our local donut shop. You should have seen the look on their faces. You would have thought Christmas had come early! After a short 30 minute visit, it was off to make the delivery and then head to Wheeler Ridge to grab some sleep before their first delivery Friday morning at 5am in Vernon, CA.

They sure have been getting a crazy amount of miles over the past 6 days and both of them are getting close to running out of driving hours on their 70 hour clock. I don't think either one of them will be complaining if after they finish with this load that they will finally get a day of rest.

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