Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just when you think you know what will happen, they throw you a curve ball from nowhere, that leaves you guessing what will be coming next. After sitting at the Fred Meyer DC for most of the morning, Craig and Don were told there would be no loads going out from there. So after fueling up in Tacoma, they headed back over to the Company drop yard in Pacific, WA to await further instructions. Said instructions came beeping over the QualComm late in the afternoon.

For only the second time, and once again with me not in the truck, the dispatch was for two different pick ups. The first pick up was for 28,000 pounds of water from Mountain Mist Bottled Water Co. in Spanaway, Wa, and the second from Consolidated Foods in Kent, WA where they would be picking up a little over 6,000 pounds of assorted candies. Yes, candy and I was all over that one with questions for Craig as to what kind! I have a bit of a sweet tooth, or should I just admit, an addiction for all things sweet!

(Craig's attempt at getting a picture after he forgot and they were driving away)

Their first appointment time wasn't until 11:30am Wednesday morning, but Craig, never one to sit idle for too long, called the water company and found out that they could arrive early for loading. By 8am, they were in the docks and Craig was busy dialing again to their next pick up. He received the same good news at their second stop, and needless to say, they were loaded, scaled, and on their way to Spokane for delivery, way before they thought they would be.

(At Consolidated Foods, picking up all that yummy candy)

The jump on the loading afforded them the opportunity to get into the Company yard in Spokane by 6pm, where they took advantage of the showers and the laundry facility, where Craig promptly did an unexpected washing of his wallet with his clothes. The almost near tragic washing of his medical card was saved by air drying it out on the dash of the truck, and thankfully, it was still readable and Craig avoided the hassle of getting a new one.

(A view from inisde the trailer looking out. I'm checking for any dropped candy!)

You see in June, between the 2nd and the 4th, there will be a nationwide "Road Check 2009", were every State participates in a mass sweep of checking the semi trucks and trailers for any violations, including the log books and required paperwork that drivers need to have available on board. I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned that his medical card survived the washing!

After a restful sleep, they made their delivery at the U.R.M distribution center of the water and candy at 5am, and then headed back to the Company yard to check in with the shop and see about getting that darn APU fixed! By 7am they were at the Thermo King dealer getting the APU worked on. All and all I'd say the day is off to a good start!

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