Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What do you do when you have more than enough time to make your delivery over a three day holiday weekend? Find a truck stop with some extra room to practice backing of course! And that is exactly what Craig did. Yesterday, they did a little pit stop at the TA truck stop in Aurora, OR and used their back parking lot to do some backing.According to Craig, Don is doing great at backing, all that practicing must be paying off. But I've asked Craig how is it going to be for him, once he is back driving solo, without so much as a handful of backs he has had to do over the course of Don's training period. I guess we'll find out in about a month, unless he happens to get another trainee.
They decided to go all the way into the Company yard in Pacific WA yesterday afternoon. That left them only 8 miles to the Fred Meyer DC for the delivery of the bananas. Their appointment time was 5am this morning, and mere 8 minutes later they were unloaded and had put in the empty call. Craig said there were several other TWT trucks also making deliveries this morning, but that they had all left, which leaves us to surmise that they will get a load out of there heading into Spokane. Craig is hoping that if they do head into Spokane that they will have an opportunity to get the APU fixed. He keeps thinking that they may be cursed with a load going into Phoenix and no AC, so getting that APU is high on his priority list.
As for me, I've got all but two chores left on my "to do" list. I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home, with the cool weather and crisp mornings, where I open all the windows and let the sun shine in and enjoy the occasional rainbow after a midafternoon thunderstorm. And those plants I placed in the flower beds in front of the house that Craig built? They are still alive ........thank you very much! I guess my next trip into Spokane, I just may pick up some flowers and try my hand with them.

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Cori said...

I love the rainbow photo...just gorgeous! Don't think I ever saw more beautiful rainbows than we have here in the Northwest. The living room looks wonderful...can't wait to see the new accessories in person. Seems like Craig is embracing the training aspect of his job....good for him! AND, lucky for his trainees to have him.


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