Saturday, May 16, 2009


Craig and Don did get a load out of Pullaylup into Spokane for a delivery Thursday night. They made it into the yard around 9:30pm and Don took off for home. Craig, on the other hand, stayed the night, so that he could talk to the shop mechanics to make sure the APU got looked at. Neither one of them wanted to be stuck the next 4 weeks with no APU!

Bright and early Friday morning I took off for Spokane to pick Craig up. By the time I got there he was done with his tasks and we were headed HOME! But not without first stopping at Home Depot for a few items for some projects that Craig.....ahem......make that I, had requested he do while at home. The main one was to construct two bed platforms for the mattresses for the downstairs bedroom.

Of course, while we were there, we realized even more projects that needed to be taken care of over the next few months, so to make a long story short, and around $300 lighter in the wallet, we made our way out of Home Depot and onward to home. Craig wasted no time in getting to work measuring and cutting and a couple of hours later we had two bed platforms custom fitted for the bedroom. This morning I tried a new recipe for "monkey bread" for our breakfast. It looked better than it really tasted for the effort and mess it made of my oven. But, no time to dwell on that, we are off to do some more landscaping of the back of the house. Hopefully the four shot mocha espressos I made us this morning will give us the energy to finish the project. Not only did we finish the project, but Craig built some flower beds out of the left over lumber from the bed platforms for the front of the house. I painted them to match the house color and now all we need are some plants and flowers, but that will have to wait a few weeks until we recover from our last little trip to Home Depot! Tonight we plan on relaxing on our front porch and enjoying a nice quiet evening with a beer for Craig and some wine for me. All too soon it will be time for Craig to pack up and head back out on the truck. But until then, I plan on enjoying his company as long as I can! Cheers!


Mom said...

Home depot is a favorite shopping destination for all home owners.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! Craig will need to go back to work to relax : ) Everythng looks great and isn't is nice to have spring finally arrive here in the great Northwest? I'm anxious to see the pics of the new window....xoxo Cori

adozeneggs said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
Where is the Monkey Bread recipe from??
I would never have thought to make flower beds out of the left over lumber, so clever.

rosemary said...

i have a monkey bread recipe, but you know what....I like those faux cinnabons better....and little or no mess. Great job on the planters....Craig is quite handy and your home is adorable....I want to see the window too.


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