Tuesday, May 05, 2009


An apple a day will keep Craig and Don moving for the next few days. After their delivery in Spokane Sunday night, they were back at the yard with plenty of time to take showers and have a relaxing evening. Monday morning turned into the waiting game anticipating when they might get their next assignment, and as morning crept into afternoon, the waiting game continued. Around 2pm the beeping started with a dispatch to load apples in Wapato, WA this morning at 8am and deliver to the dreaded Ralph's in Los Angeles early Friday morning. They decided to take off last night and at least knock off half of the 200 miles to Wapato, and stayed in Moses Lake by one of my favorite Starbucks. While driving the remainder 100 miles this morning, Craig was reminded of his additional duties of photo taking and emailed me these shots. Guess you can tell he is more inclined towards the soft drinks for his caffeine fix than the coffee for me. But it did inspire me to put the espresso machine at home to use and make me a Starbuck's iced latte ala Diane with just a hint of cinnamon.They arrived in Wapato on time and were quickly directed to a dock where they were loaded with over 44,000 pounds of red apples. While parked there, they couldn't help but laugh at the sight of what Craig called "the little truck that thought he could". One day he just may grow big enough to tow that trailer full of apples.Their plan is to try and make it to the small casino in Chiloquin, OR tonight. Hopefully the windy conditions that I have at home right now will not follow them as they make their way south. As far as me, well, I'm still overdosing on my HGTV and rearranging what little furniture we have to my hearts content! We moved all the office/hobby stuff to the spare loft room, and I know I can only put off the painting project of the downstairs bedroom so long. I think this weekend will work for me.

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Anonymous said...

lol, not exactly the quality pix we've come to expect but admirable all the same. How's Craig enjoying the view from the "right" side of the cab? Training's going well for him?
Stay safe.
The HilmarKid


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