Saturday, May 09, 2009


I took a few photographs the last couple of days of what my views are while at home and not on the road. I do miss my ever changing view from the passenger seat of life, but I got to admit, these views ain't too shabby either. Craig and Don delivered the bananas in Pullaylup, Wa on Thursday morning and were rewarded with a load from there to Spokane delivering on Friday morning to three different Fred Meyer stores, two in Spokane and one in Coeur d'Alene, ID. With having been to these stores numerous times before, Craig knew that they would be done well before the last delivery time of 10am. Sure enough, by 10am they were heading back to the yard and had already received their next dispatch. How lucky for them, their load was going to be preloaded for them and delivered to the yard. With plenty of time, laundry and showers were in order and then they hooked up to their trailer of orange juice concentrate and were headed south. This load will have three drops, the first in Redmond, OR today at 10am, and then onto Stockton and Merced, CA on Monday. That should set them up for what we are guessing will be a load out of Salinas at Fresh Express to head them back up north for some home time. I'm counting the days until Craig is home and thoroughly enjoying the views from my world.


Anonymous said...

As always... beautiful shots my friend! Wish I were there with you. :) D.

John said...

Very Nice. Thank you. Keep up the encouraging posts, please. I certainly enjoy them very much.

adozeneggs said...

Beautiful pictures.
Looks like your having incredible weather!


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