Friday, May 22, 2009


Thursday morning, after a healthy breakfast of motel provided donuts and coffee, Craig and Don took the shuttle back to the Peterbilt dealership in hopes of hearing some good news. When the mechanic arrived, and after checking out the truck, it was determined that the clutch was on the verge of falling apart. He mentioned that it was lucky that they had made it in and had not gotten stuck out on the freeway. (This is the only picture that I received from Craig of their accommodations for the last two nights.)What was unlucky, was that the repairs would not be completed and for them to return back today at 10am. As the shuttle driver took them back to the motel, he just couldn't resist telling them that the trucks are never ready when they say they are. Well duh....... isn't that always the case? So back at the hotel they settled in for another night with dreams of a repaired truck waiting for them in the morning.

This morning, again fortified by the complimentary donuts and coffee, they headed back once again to the Peterbilt dealership. We can say one thing.......the shuttle driver was correct. The truck was not ready by 10am, but by noon, they were driving the truck back towards the Company yard, and then the QualComm started beeping with a new dispatch.

After picking up an empty trailer at the yard, they headed south to San Diego to the Port to pick up bananas. Now the interesting thing about this is that Don does not have a TWIC ID yet. So as they approached the entrance to the Port, Don had to be dropped off and wait it out while Craig went in and picked up the bananas. The good thing about the Port area, there is always lots of activities to keep you visually occupied and interested, so I'm sure Don wasn't too bored waiting for Craig.

Due to the holiday weekend, the bananas are not due to be delivered until Tuesday morning at 5am. Most definitely more than enough time for them to make it. The issue with the APU is still needing to be resolved too. They are hoping they might be able to make it Stockton, CA to the Thermo King tomorrow in time to have it checked. Confidence level is not high for that happening, but maybe they will be able to drop this load early and get something else instead of sitting a good day waiting to deliver. In either case, at least they are moving again and heading away from the hot California weather.


Anonymous said...

Do Craig and Don get paid will they are waiting for the company truck to get fixed?

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Craig gets paid $104 in layover pay every time he sits idle for a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, Don, because he is a trainee only gets paid his standard trainee pay while he is training.

John said...

Again, that's a great company to be working for.


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