Sunday, May 24, 2009


(photo taken by Craig's Blackberry near Weed, CA)

Generally speaking, I'm not one to say "I told you so".......(ahem....., trying to look as innocent as I can), but when I got off the phone with Craig, when he called me from the Port of San Diego, while picking up a load of bananas, I just knew I would at least be saying it to myself. You see, while talking about the load, and the time frame they had in which to deliver said load, Craig said that they were planning on driving as far as they could that night. Need I remind you and him, this was Friday afternoon, after 4pm, in San Diego, at the start of the first biggest summer holiday weekend of the year.

I can now inform you that they got as far as the Company yard before deciding it just wasn't worth exerting any more effort in getting out of Southern California until sometime Saturday morning. (Insert the I told you so here) After taking showers and doing laundry, they finally set out towards Pullaylup, WA around 9am Saturday, after informing me that they planned on making it the 2009 Memorial Day Weekend Casino Tour.
After finding out there would be no swapping, or dropping of this load early, they figured they could pretty much take their time with this 1200 mile trip over 3 days of driving. Their first stop Saturday night was the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, where Craig introduced Don to the all you can drink free coffee and soft drinks.........that is as long as you can keep away from the slot machines.Upon awaking this morning, they drove over to the fuel island where as Craig put it " Don washed windows this morning and made our little house a home". Me thinks these guys get along maybe a bit too much! With the APU still in need of getting fixed, they will be happy to drive just under 300 miles today to the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR, tucked nicely in the mountains with lots of pine trees, for what they hoped will be a nice cool day of checking out yet another casino on their tour, and maybe enjoying a nice hot meal while they are there, again hoping to stay away from the slot machines. Tomorrow will find them making it almost to their destination, but with their sights set on the Great American Casino near Tacoma, WA about 20 miles from the Fred Meyer DC. From there it will be an easy delivery into Pullaylup at 5am Tuesday morning to unload the bananas. Let's hope from there, mechanical problems will not slow them down and that they can get running good again to off set any of those slots that might have convinced them to stop and play for awhile on what Craig has christened "The 2009 Memorial Day Weekend Casino Tour Extravaganza".


Mark Krusen said...

This sounds like it's a great way to spend the weekend if your stuck working it. Partaaaaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have compation for the passenger seat ( LOL )

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Ha Ha... yes, there just might be some competition for that seat. I'm just happy it is working out so well for two strangers that are thrown together 24/7 and get along. We do realize there will come a trainee where that just might not happen.


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