Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, in truth, it isn't so funny "ha ha", as it is funny "strange". The boys picked of the boxed meat in Pasco, WA Monday afternoon, and with a short turn around with the delivery being this morning at 9am in Vernon, CA they had to do some team driving. They made it to La Pine, OR Monday evening and called it a day.

Up early the next morning, Craig took off driving first. Shortly, there after, he started sensing something wrong with the truck and what he thought was the transmission. He stopped and called Road Service, and they advised him to try dumping the air out of the air bags and refill them. This seemed to do the trick and they continued on their way changing drivers in Woodland, CA. By 9pm, they had made it to Lebec, CA and the Flying J where they got some shut eye.

Once again, early this morning, Craig starts driving to get into Vernon, CA to King Meats. On the way, the truck again starts giving them some trouble, but he is able to make it to their delivery on time. Road Service is alerted again, and they are advised to head over to the Peterbilt dealership when empty and after dropping the trailer in the Company yard in Bloomington.

Upon arrival at the Peterbilt dealer, they were shown into the lounge, where they could relax and await the verdict on the truck. As Craig put it in a text message to me....... "We are at the Pete dealer. Will be hanging out in the lounge til problem determined. Probably a couple of hours. Either fixed by midnight or go to motel. Not a big deal hanging out, Lazy boy recliners fit these lazy boys quite nicely. Big screen is a nice touch. Life is so hard as a driver. Got to go, it's time for my nap".As you can see from the picture, it looks quite comfortable there. Come to find out, the mechanic that needed to look at the truck, had already left for the day. They contacted the motel the Company deals with, and their shuttle came and picked them up. Currently, they are enjoying a nice room, plenty of places to eat, and the opportunity to watch the American Idol finale tonight. Hopes are that the truck will be fixed sometime tomorrow. I'm not feeling too sorry for them.


rosemary said...

I'm not feeling too sad for them either....good thing Craig is so in tune with his rig.

John said...

I truly cannot see how they handle the stress and turmoil. Life is way too tough sometimes.


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