Sunday, May 03, 2009


The slow easy life continues for me up in Usk, WA, while Craig did his best to mimic my relaxed style as well. The boys delivered the bananas right on time to the Fred Meyer DC in Pullaylup, WA on Saturday morning, and were then told they would be getting a load from Fred Meyer, but not until today at 2pm. What's more, there were too many TWT trailers already at the DC, so they had to go back to the drop yard in Pacific and find something to occupy their time.

Having mentioned to Craig about getting us hooked up with a DVR for our satellite TV at home, he went about making the phone calls and setting up for someone to come by the house on Tuesday and do just that. Will be nice for me to be able to record some of Craig's favorite shows, and when we are both in the truck, have a back up for our shows in case we miss them while on the road. Thank goodness this house is as small as it is, because I have been thinking of all kinds of things I want to do and then after watching so much HGTV, the decorating I am wanting to do. I did manage to do a little Ebay shopping and won an auction of a stunning stain glass piece that will fit perfectly in our loft window in the living room. I'll be sure to post a picture of that when it arrives and gets hung in it's perfect spot.
The load that they will pick up today is slated to be delivered into Spokane tonight. With them delivering tonight and being available for dispatch first thing in the morning, I will just have to wait for his home time to see Craig again. But no worries, that will give me plenty of time of more HGTV watching and thinking up more decorating ideas and "honey do" projects for Craig to do.


rosemary said...

I love, love, love HGTV.....I use the DVR to record all of the House Hunters and HH International, watch Property Virgins, Designed to Sell, Curb Appeal and on and on......I guess i am lookie lou at heart because i like to see what is in other folks homes. i have gotten good ideas too.....i am going to be posting the shelf, back splash and lights we just finished. your home looks so comfy and warm.

Mom said...

I too am an HGTV addict. Many more ideas than energy or money to accomplish.

adozeneggs said...

Your place is looking great!
I really like the wall color in your living room.
Care to share the color and brand??


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