Monday, May 18, 2009


I don't like spiders and snakes, and now add insects to the mix as well. Yesterday, out of nowhere, these huge black ants made themselves known crawling all over the place. Thankfully, they are just outside and not inside. We first noticed them all around the clubhouse when I went to do laundry yesterday. As we were walking back to the house, we saw them all along the road crawling here and there. I'm hoping the birds will think they are delicious and start eating them!Here is a picture of the stained glass that I won on Ebay a few weeks ago. I like the clean lines and simple use of different types of clear glass. It really plays a prism of color against the walls when the sun shines through it. I was asked about the wall color and it is from Home Depot, the Freshaire Choice paint, which leaves no fumes and does no harm to the environment. The color is from their botanical collection and is called "Perennial Gold". Now I have no green thumbs, so as much as Craig was encouraging me to purchase flowers of all kinds to plant in the new flower beds he constructed for me, I was timid in my purchase to only two bushes that will withstand the cold of winter in these parts. That doesn't mean they will survive my brown thumb, but I gave it the old college try, and if they are still alive and thriving in a couple of weeks, I just might be tempted to buy some flowers to add some color to the front of the house. I also purchased two solar lights that I placed at each corner of the beds. Here is a photo of the rest of the landscaping to the rear of the house with the pavers going out to the street. I want to plant an evergreen tree in the big area and some evergreen plants along the side of the shed, but that will have to wait until Craig comes home again and he can dig some holes big enough to do the planting. That man does love to dig and I am more than happy to await his return so that he can partake in that fun activity. Now onto trucking news. I dropped Craig off this morning at 7am with clean laundry, and bags of groceries to last him awhile out on the road. Don showed up about 45 minutes later and after getting settled back into the truck with their belongings, Craig had Don practice his backing skills again around the company yard. At noon, they were dispatched to Tyson Meats in Pasco, WA to pick up a loaded trailer of boxed meat to be delivered in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday morning at 9am.

I was also asked by Laura, what exactly boxed meat is. It it can be anything from your finest steaks to tripe and beef tongue and everything in between. I really don't think there is much from the cow that isn't eaten by someone somewhere and we get the pleasure of delivering it!

That about gets you up to date with the trucking world and my home life while Craig is training. Oh, except for my "to do" list which includes staining the shed you saw in the picture above. Now if only those ants would make themselves useful and cart away the stain, I would have an excuse not to have to do it!


Anonymous said...

I love the new stained glass purchase! Very Frank Lloyd Wright (ish)...and the paint color is quite delightful. Reminds me of my mom. Good luck with that stain and the ants. Meethinks it ain't gonna happen! ;-) Denise

Mark Krusen said...

I might be able to help you with the Stain stealing ants. I recently saw a really large ant in the shed that was carrying something twice as big as he was. It looked like wood shavings or something. I believe he could be cross trained to carry stain.

I like that stained glass too.That must look neat when the light hits it just right.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Mark and Denise..... I set out a teeny tiny workout mat for the ants in the shed. I'm hoping by the weekend they just might be in shape to save me from some staining!

Also, for those of you so inclined, the recipe for the Monkey Bread can be found here

along with all kinds of other yummy things you might be swayed to cook/bake for yourselves.

John said...

I like your house more and more. But rest assured, I shall not show up one day on your doorstep, looking for a place to crash. You like cold weather a lot more than I do. So I shall shoot for the southern states. Have fun.

rosemary said...

Love the stained glass against the wall color. Just lovely. As for the ants....if they are what I think they are....carpenter ants....they are carpenters and eat wood. They will eventually be inside but not where you can see them....

Anonymous said...

I agree...the stained glass is VERY Frank Lloyd Wright and GORGEOUS! It's plan to see how busy you guys have been the last couple weeks. Everything looks so nice!Cori


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