Monday, May 11, 2009


First a little rant. Why is it when there is an accident portrayed on television it is almost always involving a big rig. Last week on "Grey's Anatomy" where several teens died, and just today watching a "House" that I had recorded. They make out the big rig to be the demon. It must be for the drama, but seriously, it has been well documented that the vast majority of accidents involving big rigs is actually caused by four wheelers. There, I feel better. My rant is over and I can now resume my normal blog writing.

Craig and Don made the delivery in Madras, OR on Saturday and then continued on their travels to Corning, CA for the night. Sunday, with only 160 miles to the company yard in French Camp, they had a very leisurely drive and spent the rest of the day practicing backing skills and sitting around with all the other drivers doing the normal trucker talk. They topped off the evening by pitching in and sharing some delivered pizza for dinner.

This morning, with two drops, they made the first delivery at 6am in Stockton, CA. After a relatively fast drop for this particular location, less than 2 hours, they were headed to the last drop in Merced, CA. Shortly after going empty, they were instructed to head back to the company yard in French Camp and pick up a loaded trailer of boxed meat which is destined for Mira Loma and a delivery of tomorrow morning at 7:30am.

With home time looming, the hope is that they get a load out of the LA area headed to Spokane. If that works out, they may even get back home as early as Thursday, and you won't hear any complaints from me if that happens!


Mark Krusen said...

I agree with you on the accident reporting. What I really hate is when the Headlines say something like Truck rams car blah,blah,blah. Then you read the article and it's a pickup truck.

It sounds like you and Craig are dealing with the changes pretty good.

Bob Funkhouser said...

I see Craig's TAH is Thursday too. You can see from our blog that we're not looking too good for Thursday. Better luck to Craig.


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