Friday, May 29, 2009


Ever since going into the Company yard in Spokane over the last three years, Craig and I have seen the "yard goat" tooling around, but with a strange contraption attached to the front of it. This contraption consisted of a low hanging bar from a chain which happily swung to and fro from the front bumper as the "yard goat" traveled around the premises. It might be a little hard to make it out in this picture.Now I can already hear some of you out there in Blog Land saying to yourself how stupid of us not to know what it was, I give you your kudos now for being the ever so smart person that you are. But for us, finding out the answer to our puzzlement over what it was and what purpose it held was one of those "aha" moments. Anyone else in the same boat as us over this puzzle?Never fear, I am here to offer you the answer to the question. The bar attached to the chain, and to which is hovering inches from the ground is a big magnet. "OHHH" I hear you saying now. As the "yard goat" goes about it's daily business, the magnet picks up any nails, screws, and metallic items which might do harm to the many thousands of tires that travel through the yard on any given day.........and now you know the answer.


Mom said...

How very clever. I would never have figured it out.

John said...

Yes, very clever and what a cool idea. I never would have thought about that, even though I've seen big roller magnets that roofers use to clean up people's yards after having re-roofed their house. But still, that's a cool idea.

T-Net said...

Reminds me of Arsenio Hall and "Things that make you go hmmmm". I have also wondered and never asked. Now, as Paul Harvey would say, I know the rest of the story! Thanks!!


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