Tuesday, August 31, 2010


When Craig started driving Sunday morning, the sun had not yet begun to rise, but by the time he neared Eugene, OR and the sky was beginning to lighten, he had the pleasure of watching all the hot air balloons taking flight early in the morning.  It reminded us of one of our anniversary celebrations when we took our own hot air balloon ride in the Napa Valley.  It is definitely something on our list to do again!
After making the delivery at the Albertson's DC in Portland Sunday morning, Craig and Roy had a bit of a wait on their hands until their trailer would be ready for their trip to Boise, ID.  They dropped the empty trailer at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, OR and bob tailed to a retail parking lot about a mile away.  Craig did a little retail shopping at the K-Mart to burn up some of the idle time until the trailer would be ready around 7pm.
By 8pm, Roy was in the driver's seat and drove to the Arrowhead Travel Center in Pendelton, OR, where Craig took over driving around 1am.  Four and a half hours later, they pulled into Boise, ID and began delivering to three different Fred Meyer Stores.  Craig said that at all of the stores, all the different departments were at the ready with pallet jacks to take their items off the trailer and stock their shelves. 

At 9am, about the time I started doing laundry, Craig called to say he was done and at the TA truck stop in Boise.  He was letting Roy continue to sleep uninterrupted for awhile before he woke him up to go to sleep on his bunk.  (While the truck is in motion, Roy sleeps on the lower bunk for safety reasons)  Craig took that opportunity to grab a hot breakfast before getting some well deserved sleep.
They had already been given a pre plan to pick up frozen french fries at AmeriCold in Ontario, OR at 8pm Monday night, with a delivery at 4am in Pleasanton, CA Wednesday morning.  After getting loaded, they decided to stay put and sleep for a few hours and start out early this morning.  Their routing this time will take them through Winnemucca and Reno, NV and drop down through Donner Pass on Interstate 80.  That is sure to be a nice change of scenery from Interstate 5.  With a plan to stage at the company yard in French Camp tonight, they should have an easy run into Pleasanton tomorrow morning.

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