Thursday, September 02, 2010


This tag team driving sure does get you places.  I was talking to Craig Tuesday morning in Idaho, and by 5pm that evening, they were in French Camp, CA doing laundry.  Roy is doing great in his training program, they are already well over a week a head of schedule on the tasks he needs to get proficient at.  Both Craig and I are wondering if he will be cut loose at the mid term testing, or if he will stay with Craig until October.  I guess we'll find out in about 10 days when they are scheduled to come into Spokane.

Wednesday morning Craig had a easy go of it driving into Pleasanton, CA well ahead of the commute traffic at 4am.  The place he delivered to was one of the friendliest places he has been in a long time.  Everyone was cheerful and friendly, had the trailer unloaded within an hour, and allowed him to stay on the property as long as he needed until his next assignment came in.  If only all shippers and receivers could be like that!

It didn't take long to get the word to head to Salinas, CA to Fresh Express and get the trailer washed out and dropped at their yard.  They bob tailed to the Pilot where they had a relaxing morning/afternoon until the QualComm started beeping at 2pm.  Their load was for 3pm, so they headed right over, and the trailer was ready and sitting on the line for them to hook up to.  Craig spent a little time going over the process of the routine and paperwork, since this will be a place that Roy will return to many times in his driving career.

Roy had the duties of driving them out of Salinas, and heading north, with a stop first at the yard in French Camp to scan some paperwork, and then onto Corning, CA where they fueled up and spent the night.  This morning they are grabbing showers and then will do the tag team driving with Roy starting out and driving to the halfway point to Tacoma, WA and then Craig taking over and driving to the first two stops in Tacoma starting at 1am tomorrow morning, and then onto Auburn, WA at 7am for their final stop.  At this point I've stopped guessing where they might be sent, especially with the long holiday weekend ahead, so I'll just be sitting this one out and waiting to see what the weekend brings.

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