Monday, August 16, 2010


No, neither Craig nor I am the least bit distressed, but our old cabinets in the living room?  Now that's another story.  I started in on the biggest of the cabinets Sunday morning, and this morning I was able to replace the doors and add the new hardware.  This look might not be for everyone, and I am trying to get away from so many different wood tones, but I am loving the shabby chic look, and I think the cabinet looks richer.  Now I just need to do the other two cabinets above and below the TV, and have Craig get home to hang the new pendant light and old window.

Speaking of Craig, he managed to do the three deliveries in the Boise, ID area Saturday morning, and by 1pm, he was done and parked at the TA truck stop.  He was already beeped with a new assignment by the time he called me, and knowing that he didn't need to be in Hermiston, OR until 10pm Sunday night, meant that he could lay back and rest, sleep, and play his favorite computer game to his heart's content.  He even used some of his frequent fueler points to pay for a nice hot dinner!

Yesterday morning, he decided to head towards Hermiston.  He stopped prior to his arrival there to get the light weight on the truck and trailer, so that the loaders know how much product they can load on.  He arrived at the shipper, with enough time to be able to put in a 10 hour break and have his full driving clock to work with after being loaded.  By around midnight he was loaded and scaled, but about 100 pounds over the limit on his trailer tandem axle.  A couple of hard brakes on his way to his fuel stop in Biggs, OR should do the trick, and when he went through the closed scale in Madras, OR, he was 75 pounds under the limit.

He decided to drive until he got into LaPine, OR this morning around 5am, where he is presently sleeping and will take off again around 3pm and head to Corning, CA.  The french fries are due to be delivered in Long Beach, CA on Wednesday at 1pm.  He should have no problem making that on time and still have available hours for maybe another load of bananas our of San Diego.  Now I think it's time for my rest break to be over, and for me to get back to my painting chores.


june in florida said...

Looks lovely, i love your color choices.I read you every day and enjoy the blog very much thank you.I was just out in Oregon for a family reunion, Medford and Reedsport, hot hot weather there now.

adozeneggs said...

I like the new cabinets. I would never have thought to change out the originals. Looks great and I love the colors.


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