Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Craig is always joking around with me, saying now that he has gotten me to live the trucking life, that joining the circus isn't that far off.  But I gotta ask......."“What do people in the circus run away and join?”

The painting has been completed in the living room and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  That leaves me with having to do a thorough cleaning of that space, and then move onto the kitchen.  There are a couple of things I would like to do there, like replace the ugly kitchen facet, but more intriguing to me, is doing some glass tiles around the stove.  I think I'll start my research on that, take my measurements, and see just how much this little project might cost me.
Craig left LaPine, OR Monday afternoon around 3pm, after sleeping all day.  Being fully rested, he decided to drive all the way into French Camp, CA to the company yard where he arrived around 2am Tuesday morning.  After getting some sleep, he took advantage of the facilities there to take a shower and do laundry, scan his last trip information and then fuel up before driving into Avenal, CA, which was as far as his remaining hours would take him.
This morning he took off for Long Beach and his 1pm delivery appointment, where he planned on arriving well ahead of schedule in hopes of getting unloaded early.  He was advised that he will have a new trainee assigned to him today, and they will be working on a way to get the trainee to Craig.  We imagine that by Friday, he should meet up with him, if this one lasts long enough to even meet up with Craig.

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all things bradbury said...

i'm really liking the work you're doin....i have a penchant for black furniture....we had found the cutest little drop-leaf table for the living room a couple of years ago out on the cape and came home and painted everything black to go with it! williams tried to tell me that i couldn't paint my tv cabinet, but i did and we get alot of complements on it....i just hate it when men don't think something will work, don't you???...luckily for me, and it looks like for you too, our husbands don't fall into that catagory!!....


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