Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well it was a bust on Friday at the yard sales.  There were a couple of items I would have loved to have gotten, but alas our little house is so small, there is no room for anything extra, and especially if it is larger than a bread box.  Everything else that I found, was too expensive to try and resell at my friend's shop, but I did find a nice remnant to recover the seat of that chair I found for $1 a couple of weeks ago.  I think that just might be my project this week.

Craig met up with his newest trainee Roy at the truck stop in Weed, CA Friday afternoon around 3pm.  After a very short get acquainted time, they hit the road to make it to Halsey, OR to stage for their delivery of the bananas in Clackamas Saturday morning.  Craig was up and ready to drive by 5am, and drove into the Fred Meyer DC where they were unloaded by 8am.  Shortly thereafter, they were assigned their next load, but it didn't pick up until this morning.  They will be picking up my favorite Eugene, OR and will have two deliveries, one in Fresno, CA on Monday and the second in Poway, CA on Tuesday.

I really think this is going to be a great match up with Roy.  He is about the same age as Craig, he is married and lives in the Spokane area, he is retired from the military, attaining the next to highest rank that an enlisted person can be, and has a master degree in psychology  Unlike Craig's other three trainees, he wants to drive, and has a son in law that was hired about 8 months ago with TWT and their plan is to drive team when Roy is through with his training.

As Craig and I like to say....."So far, so good", and we'll see how the next few weeks go before they head into Spokane for Roy's mid training testing.  He does have about two months of driving experience with another company, prior to getting hired with TWT, so everyone hopes that he will be signed off on his training by the time Craig takes off for Vacation around October 7th.

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all things bradbury said...

this trainee sounds much better....sounds like he has a plan and a goal and is not afraid to go for it..... sounds like he's already thought it thru.... i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a positive experience this time for both craig and his trainee.... on your homefront, i'll be watching for pix of the newly upholstered chair!... hope your enjoying this time at home..i have to say i'm house could use about 6 months of me being there piddlin!


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