Friday, August 27, 2010

3:10 TO YUMA

Well, I am striking out with guessing on what Craig's next loads will be.  After they went empty near Tucson, AZ Wednesday night, they stayed in the back lot of the Fry's they delivered to, and Craig took advantage of going inside and getting some fried chicken and some potato salad for dinner.  Suffice it to say, he had a very happy tummy that night!

With no word yet on a new assignment by 8am Thursday, they were told to go ahead and drive into Phoenix and await further instructions.  They took advantage of the down time and took showers and did laundry, and long about 1pm brought the information of a load of bananas out of the Port of San Diego for Friday morning.  As they performed their pre trip inspection of the truck and trailer, Craig found that the reefer would not start.  Since they hadn't had to use it with the case goods they were carrying, that kinda threw a monkey wrench into the plans to get into San Diego Thursday night.

Off they went to the Thermo King dealer in Phoenix to have the trailer looked at.  Worse case would be if they couldn't fix his trailer by 5pm, there was another TWT trailer at the ready that had just been repaired.  Come to find out, the RPM sensor wire had come loose, along with the sensor being bad. After the sensor was replaced, and the wire reconnected, they were on the road headed toward Yuma, AZ where their next fuel stop would be, and where they decided to call it a night at a road side rest area.  I have it on good authority that Russell Crowe was not sighted anywhere in the area.
This morning they were on the road early, with the first order of business to drop Roy off near the Naval Base, and for Craig to continue into the Port to pick up the load of bananas.  While they are busy in San Diego, I took off to visit a few yard sales in our little neck of the woods.  I didn't find anything major, but I did pick up a very nice turquoise blue half gallon Ball canning jar with a glass lid, along with a quart size one in a much lighter blue.  I also couldn't pass up a silver tea kettle made in Belgium which caught my eye.  Only spending a total of $3.00 on all three items didn't put a dent in my pocket book, and I just may get a good return on my investment when I sell them at my friend's retail space.

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