Saturday, August 14, 2010


Would you believe that Craig got within 2 hours of getting a complete 34 hour restart on his hours?  We thought it was a done deal, with just under two hours of remaining time left on his driving clock until midnight Friday night, we were so certain that he would not have a new assignment until Saturday.  Boy were we wrong.  Yesterday afternoon he was beeped with a new dispatch to pick up a load at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, OR and do an overnight driving stint to three stores in the Boise, ID area this morning.  Only problem was the limited amount of driving time available since the load was suppose to be picked up at 9pm.

After a few phone calls were made between Craig, dispatch, customer service, and Fred Meyer, it was okayed for him to pick up the load as soon as he was able to start driving.  He left Aurora, OR around 10:30pm and headed to Clackamas to pick up his loaded trailer.  Then it would be an all nighter to reach the Boise area by around 9am this morning for his first delivery appointment.  Loaded down with a couple of liter bottles of his favorite caffeine he headed out.  As of the writing of this entry, I'm still waiting to hear from him when he gets to his first delivery.
On the home front, I made the trek into Spokane yesterday, to visit my now good friends at the paint department at Home Depot.  I pushed aside my fears, and purchased the paint and supplies I will need to start the transformation of our cabinets in the living room.  I'm still working up the courage to actually start, but I figured if I left the paint and supplies next to the cabinets, where they can taunt me, I'll be more motivated to start in on this project.  I'm thinking by tomorrow I should have paint brush in hand and doing battle.

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