Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I miss my husband.  As much as the extra income of him training is nice, it doesn't compensate for what we lose.  Craig called me last night.  I could tell he was in a down mood.  First off, he is totally bored by having to sit in my passenger seat all day, while someone else is driving, and he says his butt hurts.  Guess my seat doesn't compare to his cushy driver's seat,  plus he misses me on the truck as much as I miss being on the truck. 

To add to that, his trainee Roy, has prior experience, and is driving like a pro.  Craig has already called into the training coordinator to see if they can put Roy on the fast track for sign off.  Looks like Monday they will be driving what they call "super solo/team" until Roy completes his training cycle. 

Did I mention I miss my husband?  Yea, I thought I did.  About two weeks apart is about as much as we handle.  It's great up in Usk, WA at home, especially now since the weather is turning more fall like.  Heck it was just 39 degrees this morning when I woke up with the windows open.  Just how we like it too, but it's not the same with Craig around.  Guess I'll just have to drown my sorrows in a good on line game of mystery and adventure.

Onto the trucking news for the day.  Craig and Roy made the delivery of my favorite product....ice cream..... at Producer's Dairy in Fresno, CA  and then in Poway, Ca this morning.  All is going well with training.  It has been the best match personality wise so far of the 4 trainees that Craig has had.  They have done some backing practice, gone over paperwork and logs, and now just need to put some time behind the wheel. 

I haven't heard from them yet, but imagine with them being so close to San Diego, that a load of bananas is in their future.  If they go to the Port, Roy will have to be dropped off outside the gates as he does not have a TWIC identification yet.  Let's hope for his sake, that they visit Hector at the off site loading location, where he can remain with Craig and the truck.

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