Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wow, talk about great timing.  Usually at the Port, we are there at least 3 to 4 hours, but after Craig dropped Roy off at the front gate, he was in a dock, loaded, and scaled within 60 minutes!  That allowed them to head north out of San Diego well ahead of the Friday commute traffic, although it wouldn't spare them from hitting LA at 5pm.  Craig made the decision to take the less direct route, and head north on Interstate 15, taking multiple secondary freeways, to eventually get onto Interstate 210, which took them well north of LA. 

They pulled into the Petro Truck stop at Wheeler Ridge where they treated themselves to a hot meal and then hit the sack for some sleep.  Saturday morning had Craig starting the driving duties, but before they had gotten too far, he received a phone call from dispatch.  News had circulated that they were now in the super solo/team mode, and with another driver operating on limited hours, they would be dropping the trailer of bananas in the company yard in French Camp, CA and then relieving that other driver of his loaded trailer full of juice.

The juice needed to be in Portland, OR for a 10am delivery this morning.  Roy had the driving duties last night, and drove most of his driving hours to get them to Canyonville,OR where they shut down near midnight.  At 5am, Craig was once again in the driver's seat making the delivery.  They have already been given a pre plan to take a loaded trailer from the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas and make several deliveries in the Boise, ID area.  This will be a run very similar to the one that Craig had a couple of weeks ago.  One thing we know, from now until they head in around September 11/12 for home time and Roy's mid term testing,  in the words of the Mazda will be vroom vroom vroom!

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