Tuesday, August 10, 2010


You didn't think you had heard the last of the meat load that got refused did you?  I'm going to do my best to retell what we are calling "Craig's Great Adventure in Vernon".   He made his delivery in Oxnard, CA yesterday morning and by time he was unloaded, except for those 8 pallets of refused meat, he was awaiting what to do and where to go.  Would you believe that he was told to go back to the same facility that had refused the load and delivery it again.  I can read your mind, and I had the same thoughts when Craig told me the news.
Upon his return, and having to do a nasty blind side back into the dock, the clerk remembered Craig and was all smiles as he said he would gladly work him in and get him unloaded as quickly as they could.  Quickly turned out to be three hours later, and after getting his signed paperwork, and finding it all in order, he finds a box of strip steaks still inside his trailer.  What the hell?  He walked back in, stating that they had signed for the full load, but they would not accept that one box of steak because someone at the shipping plant had wrote on the box in Spanish.  The box, other than what was written on it, was intact and undamaged.  The Spanish speaking person who was there said that what was written didn't even make any sense, but refused it they did.

By this time it is 5pm, and Craig is told to drive the 60 plus miles to the company yard in Bloomington and that they would try and figure out what to do with it in the morning.  Guess what?  This morning rolls around, and after numerous phone calls between Customer Service, the shipping office, and the meat place in Vernon, it was decided that Craig would return there a third time to drop off the box of meat.  At this point, I am beside myself at home hearing all of this, thinking to myself, that must be one heck of an expensive box of meat, to be paying Craig all the detention pay and extra miles to babysit it now for over two days.

So Craig returns again, asks for the person he was suppose to ask for, that said person comes to the counter, and says "NOPE, not going to take that box".  At this point, I think I would start to look around for a hidden camera, because this is getting ridiculous.  Craig calls back into the office, they reaffirm that the person is to take possession of the box, but that person still refuses.  As luck would have it, a representative from the shipping office is in the area, and he is told where Craig is, and he responds there and takes possession of the box of meat.  Boy, was Craig happy to wash his hands of that fiasco and be done with it.

On the home front, I am now on day two of painting.  I completed the two walls in the living room, yesterday, and started on the upstairs loft area.  I still have some more painting to do downstairs, as our house has rounded walls, and I can't seem to figure out where to stop painting.  While I figure our my painting dilemma, Craig will be heading north after picking up a load of bananas in San Diego.  Oh, and his trainee he was suppose to get?  He already quit before even starting.  


all things bradbury said...

i honestly think i'd have just headed to the nearest walmart, bought a small grill and some charcoal, went back to their lot and started cookin.....lol....sold the grilled steaks for $10 each and called it a day.....lol....that is so ridiculous!!....i love the paint, btw!!...looks good!

Cori said...

What a chaotic mess for Craig the last few days...yikes! Hopefully that doesn't happen again anytime soon.

The house looks FABULOUS! I love the richness of the wall color. AND, I really like the furniture rearrangement. What a great idea! Your window looks so good against the new richer wall color.

I really think the cabinets are crying out to be painted black. Just seems like it will work so well...along with the bistro table.

Can''t wait to be there for a few days in October.



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