Saturday, August 07, 2010


Don't think for one minute that I'll be sitting idle while Craig is busy driving up and down Interstate 5.......well, I guess I will be sitting......while I watch hour after hour of HGTV, but idle I will not be, as my brain will be busy thinking of all the things I want to do to spruce up the old homestead.

After dropping Craig off at the yard and getting him settled back into the truck, I made my way up Division Street in Spokane towards home, making several stops along my way.  First stop was at Home Depot, where I purchased some painting supplies and a gallon of paint, which I was assured, once the sample spot of paint on the lid of the can dried, would be the color I indeed picked out.  The jury is still out on that one, but we'll find out soon enough if it will be a winner or not, once it gets up on the wall.
I also managed to hit a few yard sales once I got closer to Newport, WA which is the biggest little town, (population 3,000), closest to our little hamlet of Usk, WA.  I struck gold on my third stop, where I found this little gem of a chair to repurpose for a grand total of $1.00 !  I already have some fabric I can use to recover the seat and paint to give it a new look with maybe a little bit of distressing to give it that perfect "shabby chic" look.
Yes, I got lots of projects like these to keep me busy for the next couple of months......that is if I can tear myself away from HGTV long enough to get started, and turn off the TV.   Now where is my remote?


milwaukeebennett said...

Hi. I've followed you two through system and now with TWT. You two seem so happy. Why does Craig keep taking trainees? lol. I'm just wondering if it is not my place to ask please don't answer but I hope when my wife and my kids are grown we can do what you two do. I've read about you two through two tours and Iraq and I just wanted to thank you for suck a good read. Take care!

all things bradbury said...

i really like that "mustardy" color!!....where are ya gonna put that???'s so cool that you have some time at home to "putter"....i read all kinds of magazines and get all kinds of ideas while i'm out on the road, i'd just like to have some down time occasionally to do some of them.....i think i'm a little bit

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Milwaukeebennett -

First I want to thank you with all my heart for your service to our Country and the sacrafices you have made to do that. THANK YOU !

Yes, it's true, we aren't the happiest when we are apart, but when he does take a trainee, it does bring in some extra money to allow us to either buy something we are wanting, like two new recliners, or for me to do some upgrades in decorating to the house.

We also know that he will no longer need to train once I turn 55 and can start drawing my retirement. Then we have a plan for us to stay out for 7 weeks and then take a week off.

I would highly encourage you and your wife to experience trucking, especially after your kids are grown. Craig and I have never been happier, and the memories and experiences we have had over the past almost 5 years have been priceless!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Ruth Ann -

The new color is going on the third wall in the living room area which I had left unpainted on my last round of painting. The wall continues up into the loft area which I will paint as well.

At least that is the plan for now. LOL I have other ideas floating around in my head for a few other painting projects.

It is great to have this time at home to do these projects. It just makes me even more excited to get back on the truck when my time at home is over.


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