Friday, August 20, 2010


Well, it seems like it's all systems go for Craig to get another trainee today.  He received a phone call yesterday morning from Roy, who was hitching a ride with another TWT driver Bob, who used to work with Craig at his previous job.  They were picking up a load out of Wallula, WA, as Craig was making his way north from San Diego, after picking up a load of banana Wednesday afternoon.
One of the challenging obstacles when going into San Diego to pick up bananas, is this railroad crossing which is extremely busy during business hours.With the Naval Base across the street, crowds of pedestrians, and commuter trains, it is not a fun place for a big rig.  Never knowing exactly when the next commuter train will be coming, you need to time both the train and the traffic light, and not get the truck and trailer caught between the two.  Good times my friend.

Craig had spent the night Wednesday in San Diego, as he was the last one loaded out of the Port.  Leaving early Thursday morning, he first stopped by the company yard in Bloomington to fuel up, receive the above mentioned phone call from his new trainee, and also have the office electronically fix an error he had made on his driving hours on the new electronic log system.  He had inadvertently hit off duty driving, when he meant to hit on duty driving.  With a quick computer fix by one of the dispatchers, it was amended and he was on his way again.
He managed to pass this roadside fire near Avenal, CA before any emergency vehicle responded, and made it into the company yard in French Camp last night.  While there, he readied the truck for the trainee and called him to see what their ETA would be to Redding, CA today.  As it was, Craig would not have been able to complete this run, had he not had a trainee available to drive about two hours.  The delivery in Clackamas, OR at the Fred Meyer DC is for Saturday morning at 7am, and now they will be able to deliver without any problems.

All is calm on the home front.  With the painting complete, and the research done on the tiling project, all I have to do is wait until we have the extra funds to purchase the tile and proceed.  I think I my just head out and hit a couple of yard sales this morning to see if I can find any inexpensive treasures to give a transforming make over to.

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