Wednesday, June 02, 2010


You know the old adage....."You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". You would also think that using the vinegar method would prove to you that you don't get too far with shippers and receivers. I then have to ask you, why oh why do so many truck drivers think that vinegar method, of getting in the face and being rude with people, will get them loaded/unloaded any faster? Case in point this morning in Vernon, CA where Craig was at his second of four stops on this run. As is the case 99% of the time, Craig was well ahead of his 5am appointment time along with several other drivers. Having been given a dock and waiting as they unloaded him, another driver shows up at 6:15am for his 5am appointment and starts yelling at the receiver about other drivers being in the dock before him. He further ranted about being late for his other stops. It doesn't take a mental genius to figure out what happened next. The receiver, in a tone that got his message across, informed the driver to get back in his truck and wait until someone would come out and tell him to back into a dock. As the driver was leaving the office area, the receiver said to Craig, "I wasn't going to charge him the $90 for being late for his appointment, but now I am". Craig happily took his signed paperwork, wished the receiver a good day, and left for his third drop. I just may have to take to carrying some jars of honey for those drivers that just don't get it.

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