Thursday, June 17, 2010


After finally leaving Ralph's, and not getting an assignment right away, we started heading back towards the yard, because really, there just isn't any place in LA to park and just sit and wait for the QualComm beep. But we would not have to wait long before hearing the chirp, and quickly scanning the information, we did a zig westward off the route we were on to the yard. The assignment was for a load of strawberries out of Santa Maria, CA and braving the LA traffic we heading out onto Highway 101.We were headed to Bonita Packing where we have been once before, and we knew they had a great parking area where we could stay the night until our 8am appointment Wednesday morning. We also knew we would enjoy cooler temperatures than the 96 degrees we saw flashing on a sign as we drove through Calabassas, CA. I watched as we drove further north on Highway 101 away from LA, as the temperature dropped from 96 to 66 within about an hour. Now your talking! That's my kinda weather.Pulling into the staging area at Bonita Packing, we parked, rolled down the windows and let the cool ocean breezes linger through the truck as we enjoyed our dinner and then had a great night's sleep. Craig checked in at 8am and was told that the load would not be ready until at least 10am when the fruit came in from the field. Craig checked out their lounge area, and even found us a bottle of Starbucks to start our day out right. A little after 10am, the shipping office called Craig on the phone with a purchase order number problem.It didn't take long to find out that the wrong shipper had been listed on our dispatch, and we quickly drove the 3 miles to Frontier Cooling, where we found another great facility with a large parking area. After checking in, we were assigned a dock, and 22,000 pounds of the sweetest smelling strawberries were loaded into our trailer. Oh the smell is just so wonderful every time we pulp the load to make sure the product is maintaining the proper temperature.

We will be taking the strawberries to the Fred Meyer DC in Puyallup, WA with a delivery appointment of 8am on Saturday. This gives a nice easy run north for the next couple of days. From the forecast, it looks like we will probably hit some rain once we cross into Washington, but we'll take that any day, because i think dispatch just may have taken pity on us after that Ralph's fiasco.

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