Sunday, June 20, 2010


After staying in the drop yard in Pacific, WA Friday night, we didn't have but 6 miles to go for our delivery in Puyallup at the Fred Meyer DC. I guess it has been awhile since we have been there on a weekend, but boy was it dead around there. Not the usual hubbub of activity we normally see. While we sat watching a light rainfall. oh who am I kidding? We weren't watching the rain, we were both on our laptops playing around as the rocking of the trailer let us know the strawberries were being off loaded from the trailer.

Shortly after going empty, were were given the word to dead head to Wallula, WA to drop our empty trailer. Nothing like a nice 250 mile dead head assignment, going over Snoqualmie Pass with no snow issues, and having a truck friendly Starbucks to stop at in Prosser, WA along the way. That's a red letter day in our book!
While enjoying our Starbucks and continuing on our way to Wallula, the Qualcomm chirped with our load assignment. Reading the information I was surprised to see that after picking up a loaded trailer in our drop yard in Pasco, WA we would be taking it to Mountain Home, ID.'s been a very long time since we have had an assignment that would take us off our normal Interstate 5 routing.

We dropped the empty at the Tyson Plant and then drove the 12 miles to the drop yard in Pasco. There we took possession of a trailer loaded with over 40,000 pounds of block cheddar cheese. After scaling legal, we headed out to get just a little further down the road before shutting down. We ended up at the Arrowhead travel plaza in Mission, OR. The last time we had been there, we were delivering boats, and I have to say, I love what they have done to the place since we were last there. It looked to us like they totally tore down the old place and erected a brand new store and a McDonald's. Connected to the facility was a large casino which also looked to have some truck parking. We left there this morning, after a peaceful night's sleep, wanting to make a return visit again in the near future to check out the casino. Our plan today is a stop in Boise, ID for fuel and then heading to the very first Fred Meyer store we ever went to many years ago when we were on the boat fleet. It's time to restock our supplies, and then due to time constraints with driving hours, will head directly to Marathon Cheese Factory in Mountain Home, ID, where we have it on good authority, from the directions in the dispatch, that they have overnight truck parking. Sure will make it easy for us in the morning with our 8am delivery, and no early wake up call.

Know what else is nice? We were also given a preplan loading dairy products from Marathon Cheese and making a delivery to the CostCo in Mira Loma, CA on Wednesday. With this dispatch, we will make our way to the LA area driving the majority on Highway 93 through Idaho and Nevada, then connecting to Interstate 15 and going through Las Vegas, where we just may have to stop, if we can squeeze out some extra time. A little change of scenery will suit us just fine!

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all things bradbury said...

what a nice change for you guys!...hope you have time for a little stop in's wishing you good weather and great sites and safe travels!


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