Thursday, June 24, 2010


We were bound and determined, that Tuesday was going to be a better day than Monday. After all, how could it not, with that long lonely stretch of freeway mostly behind us? We still had about 75 miles of it to go before we would hit Interstate 15, and boy were we looking forward to that. The strip of Las Vegas, could barely be seen through the murky haze of the early morning heat, as we merged into commute traffic.

We had a fuel stop at the TA truck stop at exit 33, and that was our first goal that morning. After fueling, we both went inside to use the restroom. As I sat in the casino area waiting for Craig, I saw a handful of people playing the various slot machines. As Craig approached me, I inquired as to whether he had taken his wallet with him. His eyes glazed over, and he asked, "you want to try our luck"?. With our truck, pulled up in front of the fuel island, we made our way to the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. I'm not really sure what we were thinking, especially with our truck being where it was, but Craig put in a ten dollar bill and started hitting the play button. On the second push of the button, he landed on a "spin" icon. No more than 5 minutes later, we managed to hit that "spin" icon two more times and walked away $25 dollars richer. With that extra money in our pockets, we talked about stopping at the Mad Greek in Baker. CA for lunch, and well you read about the out come of that yesterday. While in Baker we took notice of what they were proclaiming to be as "The World's Tallest Thermometer" With full stomachs, we drove another 60 or so miles into Barstow, where we stopped to take showers before hitting the company yard in Bloomington and doing laundry. Wednesday we spent a quiet morning in the yard before our 11am delivery of the cheese at CostCo in Mira Loma, CA. I have to say, if our government was run as efficiently as they run the multitude of trucks coming and going out of the CostCo DC, it would be a one well run Country. It took all of about 90 minutes and we were unloaded and headed back to the company yard where we were told there was a loaded trailer waiting for us.

Our new assignment is to deliver 42,000 pounds of boxed frozen meat, which by the way is headed to Japan, to a cold storage place in Carson, CA. We are hoping that when we go empty there, that we are sent to Santa Maria again. We sure would like to be back in some cooler weather.

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