Wednesday, June 16, 2010


On our way back to Ralph's, we were beeped with another message to reroute to downtown LA to drop off the apples with the wrong UPC stickers on them at the broker first. Here is where I earn my keep on the truck, pulling up maps and directions on the fly, and directing Craig to the easiest way there. I would have said fastest, but we are in Los Angeles and it was during commute traffic!

We found the broker's location tucked in behind the Greyhound bus station with little to no area to maneuver around. Fortunately, soon after Craig jumped out and checked in, he snagged the one spot that was easy to get in and out of. In quick order the Golden, erroneously labeled, apples were off loaded and we were headed back to Ralph's and praying for a better outcome than the day/night before.We arrived to find several open spots in their staging line, so we quickly backed in and then checked in at the guard shack. The waiting game began as we watched trucks all around us come in, park and then leave for their dock. Finally, after almost two hours, we were given a dock and made the journey around the complex to our dock and the wall of horrors.I took some pictures so that you can see the variety of scraps against the wall, which is no more than maybe 20 feet from the nose of our truck. We were even given the dock by the fire hydrant this time, but with a little help of the guy next to us unhooking from his trailer, we made it in without so much as leaving any new paint on that wall. I did have to chuckle to myself when even the yard goat who was trying to put a trailer in near us, managed to hit the fire hydrant yellow poles with the trailer he was backing in. Even the Ralph employees are not immune to the parking nightmare.We endured yet another two hours of waiting before the apples were off loaded and we were given our paperwork to leave. We were so happy, we were almost giddy pulling away from the dock and doing one last checkout with the guard. I found it somewhat ironic, as we were pulling back onto the freeway, that I noticed a Ralph's billboard proclaiming the love of their produce. The Devil made me do it, but I had to do a little editing of that billboard. At least it made me feel better!

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