Friday, June 11, 2010


We were itching to hit the road, so after hooking up to our empty trailer and doing the pre trip inspection, we ended up driving about 100 miles from the yard and then stopping. We couldn't think of a spot closer to stay at before we would get to our first stop today in Wenatchee, WA. Of course, wouldn't you know it, as we head out this morning we saw no less than three different locations we could have stayed at that would have had us that much closer, but hey, it was only 80 miles so it wasn't like we had a long drive or anything. In Wenatchee, at the Columbia Cold Storage, the thought of having some type of parking area must have eluded the designers of this facility. In fact, the dock that we were assigned to, when backed fully into it, the nose of our Peterbilt was completing blocking one lane of traffic. Thankfully, there wasn't but a few cars every now and then, so it didn't seem to be an issue. We only received a couple of pallets of sliced pre-packaged apples and one pallet of boxed apples there. Our next stop was Selah, WA at the Monson Fruit Co. Along the way there we enjoyed the views and the multitude of fruit stands that dotted the roadway. We picked up another 10 pallets of apples here and then drove twenty miles to our final pick up location in Cowiche, WA.Now you would think that such a tiny little town would not need to name so many of their streets like this: Old Cowiche Rd, Cowiche Mill Rd, North Cowiche Rd, Cowiche City Rd with all of them in the same numeric sequence. The details on the dispatch and even on the directions for the business just indicated Cowiche Rd. So when we couldn't find it on our first pass, Google Earth pin pointed it to be Cowiche City Rd just a couple of blocks from where we were. They loaded on another 10 pallets of apples and with a payload close to 41,000 pounds we headed into Yakima, WA to scale out at the GearJammer Truck Stop. Finding the weights on all axles to be legal, and having no reason to push it and drive any more for the evening, we called it a night. We have just under 1100 miles left until our delivery in Compton, CA on Monday. I think we just may have to stay in Weed, CA tomorrow night for a little visit to our friends at Dos Amigos Restaurant.


all things bradbury said...

yeah,yeah, it in! travels....good food!

T-Net said...

Ahh Columbia Cold Storage. What a fun place to get in and out of! Be safe out there.

Linda said...

Lock your doors when you are in Compton.
Our weather here in Lynnwood is finally nice today 77 and more to come. Be safe.


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