Saturday, June 26, 2010


We arrived at the Port of San Diego, and after presenting our TWIC credentials, were informed that the State would finally be enforcing their "CARB" program. No, they didn't confiscate all our good tasting carbs we had on board, they are concerned with the emissions from the trucks at the ports. Goes along with the idling laws that California and some other States love to enforce as well. After having to go to another check point to fill our paperwork, we were given our port pass and off to the Dole docks we went.I loved the weather down there. The ocean breeze coming off the water was exactly what the doctor ordered. I even had to snag Craig's sweatshirt after a while because I got too cold. By 1pm we were loaded and scaled and heading north. Now we both knew it was Friday, and that we would have to do battle with traffic, so we planned an alternate route, which took us 20 miles further, but we were certain it would save us more than a couple of hours had we stayed on Interstate 5.We did run into a few back ups, who knows, maybe it was all due to the big Michael Jackson memorial, but they soon ironed themselves out and we pulled into the TA truck stop in Wheeler Ridge, CA and called it a night. Waking up a bit early this morning, we showered and then headed to Buttonwillow to take advantage of the Denny's $2, $4, $6, $8 menu. Have you tried it lately? What a deal! I highly recommend it.As we drove further into the valley of the shadow of hell, also known as the Central Valley of California, we watched as the temperature continually rose. It peaked at 101 and while we kept cool inside the truck, we did have a bit of envy of the people who were taking advantage of the hot weather, and the cool waters of Shasta Lake, out and about on their boats.
We have called it a day, after driving a little over 500 miles at Pollard Flats, CA. We have the heat shields activated and the APU operating at maximum thrust to keep the inside of the truck as cool as possible. We'll have another almost 500 mile day tomorrow, so we'll be hitting the sack a bit early tonight, but not before we both have some quality time with our laptop computer games!


all things bradbury said...

thanks for the great shot of shasta's been a little while since we've been by there in the daylight and last time it was down so low....glad to see it's back!...hey, we are gonna be unloading in seattle monday morning too so keep an eye out for us!...we'll buy the safe and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

do you get anything extra for a TWIC card

CRAIG and DIANE said...

The company paid for all fees associated with getting the TWIC credential, but there is no pay conpensation once you get it, although the runs to San Diego for bananas are always nice long runs.


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