Thursday, June 10, 2010


After calling into the office Wednesday to first check to see if the work had been done to the truck, and then secondly to see if we had a load assignment for Thursday, we found that the truck still needed to be serviced and there were no loads available. Dispatch wasn't sounding too confident, but at least the shop assured us that the truck would be finished by morning. Well, not much left to do then except to kick back and check back in again Thursday morning.

Thursday morning rolls around and expecting to hear that there were no loads available, that is exactly what we got, but with a suggestion to call back after lunch. No sooner had we gotten ourselves immersed into our favorite computer games, when the ringing of Craig's cell phone interrupts us with the news of a load assignment. Assured we would have plenty of time to hit the Wal Mart on our way in, we packed up our gear and headed out.

Upon our arrival at our truck, we sent a message in letting dispatch know we had made it into the yard and were ready for the assignment information. While loading up the truck with our provisions, the beeping of the QualComm let us know we were officially assigned a load. However, upon checking the information, it wasn't the load we were told we were going to get, but a load of apples with three different pickup locations, and one delivery to the dreaded Ralph's in Compton, CA.

This load will have us picking up gala apples, sweet red apples, Fuji apples, cameo apples, golden apples, granny smith apples, and pink lady apples. Basically just about every kind of apple except the one that I really love and can never find in the stores, the honey crisp apple.

The last time Craig was assigned a load like this, he had a trainee with him, and ended up waiting a full day at the first stop for all the product to arrive and be loaded into his trailer. Judging from the information on the next two stops and the delivery, with appointment times yet to be determined, I'm guessing we just may be sitting there awhile on this load as well.

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