Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm no business genius, never studied marketing, and would probably fail coming up with a good ad campaign, but I would have thought twice if someone suggested this name for my bakery: Of course I had to do a bit of research, and was quite surprised to find out that Bimbo is the biggest Mexican food corporation and the largest bakery in the world with brands in Latin America, Europe, China, United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Go figure, I guess being a Bimbo isn't that bad after all!

We enjoyed our dinner at the Dos Amigos Restaurant in Weed, CA, but were saddened to see that the new owners of the truck stop have decided to charge hourly for staying in their lot. After eating, we gladly left their truck stop and headed down the road to Corning where we stayed for the night. I have a feeling if they continue to charge for parking, their truck stop may turn into a ghost town. I know we won't be staying there anymore.While enjoying our Sunday drive we thought we had it good, until we saw this sweet looking car zip by us enjoying their Sunday drive as well. By the time I got my camera aimed they were pretty far ahead of us and all I could get was the happy couple as they drove off into the horizon.The other noticeable thing about our drive Sunday was the drastic change in the landscape as we headed towards Los Angeles. Last time I was through this area, I was enjoying the green hills and wild flowers scattered up and down the hillsides. Now??? Well let's just say I'll have to get used to seeing lots and lots of beige hills. That's okay if your a beige kinda person, but me? I love my colors, so I'll just have to wait a good six months for them to turn green again and enjoy the green landscape or Washington and Oregon instead.Today we deliver at the dreaded Ralph's on the produce side where we may have to do battle with the fire hydrant which makes it near impossible to back into a dock. With our delivery not being until 3:30pm this afternoon, there is a good chance we just might get lucky and have no one parked on either side of the dock we get assigned to. Either way, we look at it as a challenge and for me to get out of the truck and hone my skills at assisting Craig to back up in tight spaces. Gotta earn my keep somehow!


Anonymous said...

The name "Bimbo" is a modification of the Italian word "Bambino" menaing child or baby. Bimbo definitly has a diffenrent connation in American English. For what it is worth this is an excellent example of world globalization at the local level.


Mark Krusen said...

I like your new background on the blog.

I think you do more to earn your keep than helping with the backing directions.


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