Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We love this show, and DVR all the new episodes while out on the road, to watch when we take home time. It is a fantasy of ours, to try and visit as many of the places that Guy Fieri showcases on his show that we possibly can. Having remembered that he once highlighted on his show, the Mad Greek in Baker, CA, how could we pass by the opportunity to stop there ourselves, and with an abundance of trucker friendly parking available, it was a dream come true.We initially had a hard time finding it, oh sure, there are signs everywhere mentioning it's existence, but not pinpointing exactly were it was located. We pulled into one large parking lot, prompted by a sign we saw, only to find out where we needed to be was still further down the street. Never daunted in our efforts to find this little gem in the desert, we pulled back out onto the main drag and pressed on. We glimpsed the building through some trees, and opted to park in another large empty lot about a half block away from our oasis of dining heaven. Finally arriving at it's door step, we saw that there was yet more ample parking in their parking lot for any future return visits. Walking inside, you are assaulted with the smells, and a bit over whelmed with the vast variety of the menu items. But we had only one thing on our minds, the lamb gyro with a side of a fresh strawberry shake. From the reviews I had read online, the shakes were not to be missed, and by golly, as a lover of all things ice cream, I would not let them down. After paying for our meal, we were advised to take a seat and that our meal would be brought to us. Looking around, the building does have a Greek theme to it, with an over abundance of Greek columns and Greek sayings painted on the walls and ceiling. It's just the right amount of kitsch to make it something you will remember long after you have left. Very quickly we were presented with our bounty of goodness. A cool refreshing strawberry shake, and the mouth watering lamb gyro, served with a side of rice and yogurt dressing. It was a battle to finish that meal, but the war between mind and stomach was well fought. It really was delicious, with lamb so tender it practically melted in your mouth. We left extremely full, but happy, knowing that we have at least crossed one location off our bucket list of diners, drive-ins, and dives. We only have about 200 more to go and still counting. At this rate Guy needs to slow down a bit, or we'll never get through all of them.


Plum Trucker said...

This is so awesome! Once we hit the road I totally want to hit up some Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I love the show too.

gdiesels said...

I love to hit these places and I got to try one in Taylor Texas yesterday, Louie Mueller BBQ.

Heaven, just heaven if you are ever even remotely close.


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