Friday, June 04, 2010


There has been a flurry of activity in Walla Walla yesterday, as it was my last full day there before I pack up and head to Spokane today for the Farm Chicks show on Saturday. We have completed four more projects and when I leave, Cori's "to do" list will be somewhat finished, but she will be geared up to go hunt down some more junk finds to turn into shabby chic things of beauty. This little chest, (drawers removed prior to taking photo), we found at a thrift store on a day they designate as "furniture day" with 50% off the listed price, which made this chest only $24. How could we walk away from it? It just screamed for a make over. So we painted it black and then shabby chic'd it up. We both think it would make a perfect TV stand for a nice flat screen.The next piece we made over was an end table we found at a church rummage sale for only $15. With a little paint, some elbow grease, and some new hardware it turned from this:To this:We also painted this desk Cori found a couple of months ago for $50. After painting it, we did a technique on the door fronts using a stucco paste and a lacy stencil. Then we distressed it and did a glazing of the entire desk. It still needs to be finished off with some finishing wax, but the overall process was fun and challenging.Needless to say, it has been a fun and busy two weeks during my stay in Walla Walla. We are already looking forward to my next visit and finding more fun projects to work on and then sell in her retail space. Until then, we are off to Spokane to get inspiration from all the vendors at the Farm Chicks Show tomorrow.

In trucking news, Craig made his last of four deliveries in Moreno Valley at 3am Thursday morning. After dropping off his left over pallets, he went into the company yard in Bloomington and picked up a loaded trailer of bananas. The bananas are due in Clackamas, OR on Saturday morning at 5am. From there he is suppose to be routed into Spokane for his home time. We don't know exactly what the plan will be after he delivers in Clackamas, but the sooner they can get him home the happier we will be. We'll spend a few days at home and then happily pack our things and head back out in the truck together!

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The Daily Rant said...

Love the chest of drawers and that second table. It looks fantastic!!


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