Friday, June 18, 2010


With our trailer loaded, we left Santa Maria, CA and head north. As before, it was a beautiful drive along Highway 101, with grape vineyards and acres and acres of fields of produce growing in that great coastal weather. We had a stop in Salinas, CA for fuel, where I treated us with buying a Subway sandwich, and we continued on into the Company yard in French Camp.I managed to take a few photos of the yard as we drove in to at least give an idea of what the yard looks like there. It is a much smaller facility than in Spokane, and the driver's lounge consists of just two couches, a TV and a coffee machine. There is a laundry and shower facility, as well as an outdoor vending and picnic table area. We left French Camp a little before 6am on Thursday and drove into Corning, CA where we waited in line to get the truck washed at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash. Onward we drove until Rice Hill, OR. We decided to stay there for the night and take advantage of showers in the morning. Then this morning, leaving Rice Hill and getting no further than 5 miles away, the engine light on the dash goes off. We check the flashing number in our handy dandy book and call into road service to let them know. Unlike the other times this light has gone off, they wanted us into a CAT dealer right away. We were directed to go into Eugene, OR where there was a dealer located right off the exit. They went about testing the engine and finally determined we needed a solenoid replaced. As Craig and I watched from the comfort of our seats in the truck, they put in the new solenoid and we were off and back on the road again to our fuel stop in Aurora, OR. From there we have just 150 miles to go to for our 8am delivery of the strawberries at the Fred Meyer DC in Puyallup. We don't know for sure yet if we will go all the way into Pacific, WA or stop at Gee Cee's in Toledo, WA. We'll just have to wait and see how we feel once we get going again after fueling.....some days you just feel like being lazy!

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really like this new blog nice and bright. thanks for the pics of the yards. You need to start a new sneaker tree .


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