Monday, April 19, 2010


Man, did Craig and I sleep good on Friday night! We got into Wheeler Ridge, CA around 5:30pm and found us a spot way out in the back of the lot by ourselves. I made us a tasty dinner, as as I mentioned in my last post, laid down to relax. We had opened up all the windows and vents, and with the strong breeze blowing, it was a wonderful, cool evening of sleeping.

Up Saturday we took showers and treated ourselves to a hot breakfast before hitting the road. We had a beautiful day of driving, enjoying the nice weather and the less crowded weekend roadways. With a bit over 400 miles under our belts, we pulled into Corning, CA at the casino and called it a night. Sunday morning, we took advantage of the free soda and coffee at the casino, and fortified with sufficient caffeine, we headed north again. I couldn't believe how high the water was at Shasta Lake. On previous trips through there, we have marveled at how low the water level was, and I know I have a picture of it somewhere on my blog, but just couldn't get up enough energy to go hunt it down for comparison. It was another great driving day on Sunday, and by 5pm we had made it to Aurora, OR where we have been ever since. Our delivery today isn't until 1pm, and although we thought about calling to see if we could get in earlier, we thought better of it in case there was a night load in our future after we go empty.

Don't know if you noticed or not, but I'm trying out doing some "twitter" updates on my sidebar of the blog throughout the day. Not sure if I'll continue it or not, but it does give friends and family a more real time update on what we are doing and where we are headed. Now I think it's time for a little blog reading myself before we head out for our delivery.


all things bradbury said...

so happy to see some water back in shasta lake!! it's been so low & depressing all winter!! glad you guys had such a good weekend too!!

Anonymous said...

have you ever thought of putting some of your adventures on youtube


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