Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We made our way to Aurora, OR Sunday night with plenty of time to get settled and watch "The Amazing Race". There was a time, way back when Craig and I were first together, when we entertained the idea about submitting a video to try and get on that show, now we seem to have enough adventures to keep us entertained without having to race anyone else.

We keep passing these fields of yellow on our travels that past couple of weeks. Craig keeps saying it is some type of crop, but I'm leaning towards it just being weeds. Anyone out there want to chime in on what it might be? Our delivery went smooth again at Del Monte in Portland, OR, with the usual sit around and wait for a few hours, and then getting a door and being unloaded within 15 minutes. There was another driver complaining about the wait, but as Craig loves to say...."we get paid for sitting around, so it doesn't bother us". That comment usually doesn't promote a full fledged bitch session when only one party is complaining, so the other driver went in search of someone else to talk to.

After going empty, we needed to drop our trailer at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, and then head over to Halton CAT back in Portland to have the truck looked at. A few days ago we got a dash light indicating some type of oil problem, however the truck was running just fine. We found the dealership and made use of their very nice customer lounge while they quickly went to work on our truck. A short 45 minutes later and a bad sensor was replaced and we were headed to the ThermoKing about 15 miles away to have the APU looked at. Again, within an hour, and after having to take everything off the bottom bunk, including the mattress, the APU was fixed, or so we thought.

We had received our next assignment to pick up a loaded trailer at the drop yard in Wisonville, OR. Upon hooking up and checking paperwork, we stayed there for the night and started the APU to test it out. Wouldn't you know it, about 1 minutes after starting it, it stopped and flashed an error code. Oh well, maybe after our delivery this morning we can be routed back to ThermoKing to have it checked again.


Anonymous said...

I think that those are fields of flax. You see yellow like that north of Edmonton

Chris said...

It looks like oilseed rape also known as conola, its used alot in the food prossesing industry.

Anonymous said...

My APU is doing the exact same thing...Im getting an ACS error on mine. Tripac for me. Been a while, guys! Glad to see you are still out here and trucking!

Anonymous said...

Yep I think that maybe you are right Chris

Anonymous said...

This looks like Mustard perhaps or better yet a crop of flowers for florists. I can’t get it to blow up large enough to see it, but weeds don’t usually grow so evenly as this picture looks. You take great pictures, and I still enjoy reading your blog.

But mustard is usually much taller if I remember correctly.

I think you two would be great players in the Amazing Race, and you both certainly do deserve seeing something different than I – 5.

Go for it, it is one of our favorite programs too so go for it!

Kandi Gentis


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