Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What was it I said in my last post? Better not call to see if we can get in early, in case there is a night load in our future. Little did we know, and we actually thought we weren't going to get dispatch after we went empty. We went to the Jubitz truck stop in Portland, we have never been there before, and wanted to check it out. We were entertaining thoughts of a nice relaxing night there, maybe taking in a movie in the lounge, and then the QualComm started beeping.

We were dispatched to Columbia Cold Storage in Kennewick, WA to pick up a load of frozen french fries at 11pm. There was the night load I had predicted. Off we went, with a stop in Troutdale for fuel and a Subway sandwich, since dinner would be while driving. Arriving in Kennewick three hours prior to our appointment, we found a place to park in their staging area, and Craig swept out the trailer.

Around 10:30pm we were given a dock and we both crawled into bed to try and get some sleep. The rocking of the trailer from the forklifts loading the french fries prevented us from getting any decent sleep, and by 1am were were finally loaded and headed to the company drop yard in Pasco, WA to get in an 8hr break. We knew we wanted to utilize the split sleeper option as we had heard of a storm coming through central Oregon and northern California and wanted to get as early of a start as we could. After scaling in the morning we were headed south by 10am and watching the skies darken and cloud up. By the time we hit LaPine, OR it had started raining and with our sights set on Weed, CA, we hit snow showers about 45 miles away. The snow stopped by the time we got there, and we snagged one of the last few legal parking spots, and crawled into bed.When we awoke and looked out the window, it was a winter wonderland covered in white fluffy snow. Craig enjoyed my play by play of trucks trying to leave the parking lot and getting stuck as more trucks, not wanting to lose their momentum, all jockeyed for position. It was nice to know that since Craig was out of driving hours until midnight tonight, that we wouldn't have to try and make our way out of the mess as well.As of now, we are still waiting to hear if there will be a swap on this load or not. We are thinking that with the weather conditions playing havoc on both Interstate 5 and Highway 97, they just may try and change our appointment day/time instead of finding someone to swap with. In either case, we have no worries today, other than to figure out what time we want to brave the elements and walk to the Dos Amigos restaurant for lunch.

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Barb said...

OMG! I don't want to see any more of that 4-letter word white stuff till next winter thank you!!! LOL

Glad you made it out of there safely.


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