Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tuesday was Craig's birthday, I won't go as far as to say how old he is, but he can now officially order off the senior menu at Dennys. We weren't able to do anything special, because when Craig called into dispatch to put us on the board, he was informed of a load waiting for us Wednesday morning. Because neither one of us wanted to try and get ready in the predawn darkness, we decided to close up the house, do laundry, and head into Spokane and spend the night in the truck. That option also gave us the opportunity to stop by Wal Mart on our way in and pick up groceries and a very nice piece of chocolate Oreo cake for each of us to celebrate Craig's birthday..........Dennys will have to wait for another time.

Wednesday morning we hooked up to our assigned trailer and headed to Othello, WA to pick up a 44,000 pound load of frozen french fries. We arrived a couple of hours early, but we had a dock and were loaded within 90 minutes. It's always nice to have a free scale to use on site, and after a quick adjustment on the tandems, we were set to go. We received a message asking if we could make the delivery a day earlier on Friday instead of Saturday. Some quick calculations, and tossing out our nice easy relaxing first run out the window, we told them yes, and went about planning out new longer driving days.

After crossing into Oregon and driving down Highway 97, we started noticing an ominous looking large black mass of clouds ahead of us. As we got closer, the sky grew darker, and we had a few rain showers drop on us, but nothing prepared us for what welcomed us as we drove into Redmond, OR. The drops got larger, the temperature dropped, and the rain turned into a firm, hard slush. It came down so hard, and so fast, that within seconds everything was white. Always more concerned with the drivers around us, we cautiously drove through town as we watched cars spinning from lack of traction.We called it a night in LaPine, OR and was up and driving by 6am this morning. The sky is blue and it looks like a great day for driving. Our plan is to get as close to Lebec, CA as we can to stage for our delivery in Oxnard, CA on Friday. Freight is still moving hot and heavy and after a great week off, we're ready to take on anything they can throw at us.


Cori said...

Snow! Who said it's Spring? And it will be in the 8's probably in So. guys get a little bit of everything.

Tell Craig I said happy Belated Birthday and here's to the new senior discounts@ ha! Heck, it's just a number.

Glad to know you're back out on the road with your man's a a very good place to be.

love you sister,


all things bradbury said...

happy birthday to craig!! we'd send a gift but hey, he has you back on the truck! what more could he need!!! you guys be safe....we'll be lookin for ya on the road!!


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