Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Tuesday morning we headed over to Milwaukie, OR to the United Grocers to make two deliveries. One was for 7am and the other for 10am, at two different check in areas of the complex. Everyone was a bit confused at first as to which dock area we needed to be at first, but putting a few heads together, we finally figured it out. By 11:30am we went empty and were told we would have to put off getting the APU fixed for a later time, as we would be repowering a load from another driver, and to head to the TA truck stop in Aurora.

Upon arriving there and not seeing the other driver, we figured with a 5am delivery in Sumner, WA at the Costco, that the longer it took the driver to get to us, the earlier in the morning we would have to drive. I finally asked for an ETA so that we could get an idea of when we should get some sleep and were told that he probably wouldn't be in Aurora until around 6pm. Looks like a bit of night driving for us.

Of course you know how that routine goes. You try and get sleep when you're not tired, and as soon as you are tired and sleeping, it's time to get up and drive. But with some diet Mt. Dew on board, we scaled our new load, fueled up, and headed towards Sumner, WA.

You gotta love the CostCo's and the set up they have at their distribution centers. If it wasn't for having to open the doors of the trailer, you wouldn't have to leave the comfort of the truck. They take your paperwork at the guard shack, assign you a dock door, hand you a pager and then sit back and relax. When your pager goes off, you drive back to guard shack, retrieve your paperwork, and leave on your merry way. It's a beautiful thing, just like this rainbow I saw after one of the many rain showers we had yesterday.I'd like to also give a shout out to Chris, one of many who suggested what those fields of yellow we have been seeing might be. After researching everyone's response, I think Chris got it right. It seems to be rapeseed. Rapeseed is grown for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil for human consumption, and bio diesel. Thanks Chris for the info. I've often commented to Craig that it would further the education of a lot of people if farmers would just label their crops. I think that covers our agricultural lesson for the day.


Trucking Tiger said...

I wish we delivered to Costcos with that set up. LOL. Now, we do a LOT of WalMart loads and their set up is, be there an hour early to not get a dock for an hour AFTER the appt time, then unhook from your trailer, bring the paperwork inside and sit around for another hour waiting on a window...THEN go sit in your truck for another 2-6 hours while they unload your 4 pallets. It's a thing of beauty, I tell ya!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Here's the beautiful thing abou the company we work for....when we do get shippers and receivers like that......we get paid hourly to sit there. Sure does take the pain out of sitting for hours on end!


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