Thursday, April 29, 2010


I knew you could, but saying it and doing it are two different things. Once again, after going empty at the CostCo in Sumner, WA, we received a dispatch that would require us to do some night driving. With a 9pm appointment for a drop and hook, we headed to Chehalis, WA to drop our empty trailer at the Fred Meyer DC. From there we bob tailed to a small truck stop just down the street.

We made ourselves something to eat and then hit the bunks for sleep. Well sleep was what I was hoping for, but I never got tired, and I forced myself to try and just managed about an hour before all the noises outside of trucks scaling and screaming into the speaker woke me right back up. Thankfully, Craig was much more successful in the sleeping department, as I heard his deep sleep breathing from the top bunk. And is much much more important that he sleep than I do. I can always get several cat naps sitting in my seat during the night.

Our dispatch is to deliver to two different Fred Meyer stores, one in Spokane and the other in Coeur d'Alene, ID at 7am and 9am. The only draw back on this load is the time we pick it up and the last delivery, which will leave us dangerously close to not having any time left on Craig's 14hr driving clock to get us back to the company yard in Spokane. Worse case is that we will have to spend 8hrs in Coeur d'Alene in the parking lot. I can only hope they have a Starbucks inside that store like they do so many others!

As luck would have it, we still need to get the APU fixed AGAIN, and we have yet another engine check light going off. Seems like when it rains it pours. Road service has been advised of our need to get those two things taken care of along with a 30,000 mile service on the truck. With any luck, all three of those items will be taken care of when, and if we ever can make it back to the company yard in Spokane.

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