Sunday, April 25, 2010


It went like clock work again in Port Hueneme, CA picking up a 36,000 pound load of pineapples. I can never tired of that sweet smell every time we pulp the load and get a whiff. As we made our way back towards the Grapevine, it was evident that the canvas of the hills had changed from the week before. Now, along with the spots of yellow and purple, there were patches of bright orange from California's state flower, the poppy.We made Friday an easy day by stopping for the evening in Buttonwillow, CA with thoughts of having a Starbucks fix in the morning, but when morning came, we decided to postpone that treat for a rest break in Santa Nella, CA and the Starbucks there. Four hours later we were in Corning, CA to fuel up and tackle the dirty laundry issue. Once again, we decided to make an easy day of it and parked there for the night.

This morning we got up at 4am, much to the displeasure of Craig, but I can handle him better than I can the crowds at a WalMart on the weekend. I wanted to hit the store in Anderson, CA before the rest of the city was up and moving around. With our cupboards full again we headed back onto Interstate 5 and made our way north. We recently experienced a warning light having to do with the engine of the truck. A call has been made to road service and if all works out, we should be directed to a CAT service shop after we make our delivery in Portland tomorrow at 10am. To add insult to injury, our APU is acting up as well. We're hoping we might be able to take care of that as well.....but for now, we'll just sit back and enjoy a great Sunday drive through Oregon.


Jennie said...

Oh, those poppies are beautiful! The color! You just don't see those colors 'round these parts.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, See that is what I was talking about on one of your earlier blogs. The beautiful flowers that I miss along the Grapevine.



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