Friday, April 09, 2010


"You learn something new everyday"........ and the last couple of days have been no exception to that statement. On and off during times of inclimate weather, we have watched as pea sized snow pellets have fallen from the sky. It wasn't until watching the news during the evening, that we found out this type of hail is called "Grauple". At first I thought they were referring to "Grappa", which I'm sure that those of you who have had the joy of tasting that uniquely Italian drink, and have lived to talk about it, know that Grauple and Grappa are definitely not the same thing. We've had 50mph winds, rain, the aforementioned grauple, and below freezing temperatures, and we couldn't be happier. This time at home has been long overdue and Craig has been taking advantage of it by doing absolutely nothing. We made sure to have plenty of supplies on hand to keep us fortified in our inactivity, and have been thinking that maybe tomorrow, we just might venture down the road to the nearest city to get a change of scenery. Afterwards, I'm sure we'll be happy to come back home for yet a few more days of idleness.All too soon Wednesday will roll around and we will be packing up the pickup, and loading up the big truck for a couple of months out on the road. At least this time, there will be no trainees, and Craig and I can go back to doing what we love best......enjoying each other's company, traveling the roads together, and now knowing first hand the difference between grauple and grappa.

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